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Mining and Industrial Lights are the must-have accessories in the Mining and Manufacturing Industry. In mining, especially when digging for gold and diamond, proper lighting is vital. Our LED Mining lights allow 24/7 operation of the Mine.

Dark and deep mines are inherently hazardous environments for miners. In mining, miners are dependent on proper lighting to work. Light for mining and manufacturing has both occupational and biological effects on the workers, which are essential to boosting production. One of the most important occupational aspects of lighting, especially for the mining sector, is the invigorating effects the daylight spectrum has on the workers who are not exposed to sunlight during their working hours. This impacts not only the wellbeing of the worker, but also boosts production.

While good lighting is essential, the choice of lighting can introduce unintended hazards. In the past, miners often used open mining lights such as candles and hanging lamps, until they moved on to carbide lamps and oil wick lamps that they carried with helmets and caps. From the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, mining workers used flammable gases and mine lamps in the mine with a high risk of explosion. With the use of LED Mining Lights, mining operations are made much safer.


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Mining And Industrial Lighting

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